Reading the documentation


The easiest way to read this documentation is online at

There is also build in support for opensearch that means you can search right away from your browser bar, if your bowser supports that.

This video shows an example on how to add to Firefox.



With the release of Plone 5.0.5 we will not provide docsets for Dash/Zeal anymore !! In place of these we will provide a html version as tar.gz for offline use !

If you used to use Dash or Zeal, you can do that for Plone too. We have compiled docsets for Plone 3, Plone 4 and Plone 5.



If you have already installed the old Plone 4 docset via the community repository in Dash, please remove it, we do not support this anymore.

In order to get the docsets into Dash you have to subscribe to our docset feed.


If you use Zeal [on Ubuntu for example], you have to subscribe to our docset feed.


If you want to subscribe to the docs of Plone 4, please enter Feed URL: