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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from Acquisition import aq_parent
from import _
from plone.event.interfaces import IEventAccessor
from plone.event.interfaces import IOccurrence
from plone.event.interfaces import IRecurrenceSupport
from plone.memoize import view
from plone.uuid.interfaces import IUUID
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.Five.browser import BrowserView
from zope.component import getMultiAdapter
from zope.contentprovider.interfaces import IContentProvider

[docs]class EventSummaryView(BrowserView): def __init__(self, context, request): self.context = context self.request = request = IEventAccessor(context) self.max_occurrences = 6 self.excludes = ['title', ] @property def is_occurrence(self): return IOccurrence.providedBy(self.context) @property def event_context(self): if self.is_occurrence: return aq_parent(self.context) return self.context def formatted_date(self, occ): provider = getMultiAdapter( (self.context, self.request, self), IContentProvider, name='formatted_date' ) return provider(occ) @property @view.memoize def next_occurrences(self): """Returns occurrences for this context, except the start occurrence, limited to self.max_occurrence occurrences. :returns: List with next occurrences. :rtype: list """ occurrences = [] adapter = IRecurrenceSupport(self.event_context, None) if adapter: for cnt, occ in enumerate(adapter.occurrences( if cnt == self.max_occurrences: break occurrences.append(occ) return occurrences @property @view.memoize def num_more_occurrences(self): """Return the number of extra occurrences, which are not listed by next_occurrences. """ uid = IUUID(self.event_context, None) if not uid: # Might be an occurrence return 0 catalog = getToolByName(self.event_context, 'portal_catalog') brains = catalog(UID=uid) if len(brains) == 0: return 0 brain = brains[0] # assuming, that current context is in the catalog idx = catalog.getIndexDataForRID(brain.getRID()) num = len(idx['start']) - len(self.next_occurrences) return num if num > 0 else 0 @property def more_occurrences_text(self): msgid = _( u"msg_num_more_occurrences", default=u"There are ${results} more occurrences.", mapping={u"results": self.num_more_occurrences} ) return self.context.translate(msgid)