Installing Dexterity

How to install Dexterity and use it in your project


Dexterity is an already installed part of Plone 5.x, no action is needed here.

Installing Dexterity on Plone 4.3

Dexterity is included with Plone 4.3, but must be activated via the “Add-ons” configlet in site setup.


Important: If you installed Dexterity on a Plone site that you upgraded to Plone 4.3, you must include the relations extra [relations]. Otherwise your site will have a broken intid utility.**

Dexterity is distributed as a number of eggs, published on PyPI. The egg pulls in all the required dependencies and should get you up and running. This how-to explains what you need to do use Dexterity in a standard Plone buildout.