Installation only provides Dexterity behaviors to build own types based on them. If you want to install a Dexterity based Event type, you can simply use 1.2a3 or up.

Depend on one (or both) of these setuptools dependencies:


The zcml dependency is be loaded automatically by z3c.autoinclude.

Then install via the controlpanel or by depending on the following GenericSetup profile in metadata.xml:

Upgrading from 1.x


There are upgrade steps in for 1.x to 2.0. That has to be revisited and refactored.

Upgrading from 1.0


The “ploneintegration” setuptools extra, subpackage and GenericSetup profile have been gone. You just need to remove these dependencies from your setup and use the “” profile instead, if you plan to use the Archetypes based ATEvent type.

Use the provided upgrade steps to upgrade Dexterity behaviors: Attribute storage (Migrate fields from annotation storage to attribute storage) and New IRichText behavior (Enable the new IRichText instead of the IEventSummary behavior).

Upgrading from Products.ATContentType to


Please backup before upgrading and check the upgraded contents for validity!

If you want to upgrade Products.ATContentTypes based ATEvents to ones, there is an upgrade step for that: “Upgrades old AT events to” (Metadata version 1 to 2). In order to use it, go to Plone Control Center -> ZMI -> portal_setup -> Upgrades. Select “” profile and click “Show old upgrades”. Select the upgrade step and run it.

You might also need to “clear and rebuild” the catalog after upgrading. You can do so at Plone Control Center -> ZMI -> portal_catalog -> Advanced (this may take a while)

Upgrading to Dexterity

Upgrade steps to migrate Products.ATContentTypes based ATEvents, based ATEvents or Dexterity example types ( to Dexterity Events can be found within This package utilizes’s Dexterity behaviors for it’s Event type.



Don’t forget to set the portal timezone!

After installation, please set your timezone in the plone date and time controlpanel (@@dateandtime-controlpanel). Otherwise time calculations are based on UTC and likely wrong for your timezone. Also set the first weekday setting for correct display of the first weekday in calendar views.